Share XL

  • £79.99

If you want a bit more out of your share toy, look to the Share XL.

Fun Factory have made this double dildo bigger and with thick, stimulating ridges all the way along it for both the active and passive user.

The measurements are:

  • Active part: 3.9 in., toy end: 1.5 in.
  • Passive part: 7.1 in., toy end 1.4 in.

This double dildo is the ideal toy for pairs who love to experiment and break taboos, not to mention enjoy exciting adventures. Made of 100% medical grade silicone it is flexible yet firm, easy to care for and hypoallergenic – for perfect stimulation on both sides. 

The shorter end of this passionate twosome is made for women. It sits right where it should and stays there – better than any other comparable couple toy on the market. The Share simultaneously stimulates the active and the passive side. The longer end pleasures the playmate. Perfect hold, a slightly curved tip and a flexible consistency guarantee on-target stimulation.

This makes a good toy for a female couple or a male and female couple if he likes it anally - no need for harnesses and the feeling the active person gets is the closest thing they can feel to having a willy! Because the bulbous part inside of the active person is part of the same toy that is inside the passive person, she can feel the natural vibrations and movement from the thrusting.

The pelvic floor muscles naturally clench on the bulbous end meaning it will stay in, and also give the muscles a good workout without you even noticing! 


*Due to changes in contract with Fun Factory and all distributors worldwide, which has affected That's The Spot's ability to have stock as readily available, you may need to wait 1-3 weeks for the delivery of this item. Only buy this item if you are happy to wait for that long. We shall keep in touch with you to keep you up to date on delivery times and make sure to include some freebies with the delivery to thank you for your patience and for shopping with us*
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