Screaming Ovation 'Intimacy Kit'

  • £14.99

**REDUCED FROM £16.99 TO £14.99**


"Every good Ovation deserves an encore!"

With 2 of everything needed for a safe, intimate night with your partner, having The Screaming Ovation kit handy will ensure you both get lucky. Trust me, after the first Ovation you'll be SCREAMING for the encore, and you'll be ready.

Kit includes:
- 2 Screaming O Vibrating Ring
- 2 ID Glide Lube Pillows 
- 2 ID Sensation Pillows 
- 2 Lubricated Condoms 
- 2 Sensual Wipes 
- 2 Mints 
- 1 Informational Fun Positions Booklet

This kit is also great to take away with your partner for a dirty weekend, or if you're a single boy or girl, taking this out with you when you're hitting the town, will mean you're ready for fun!