Ruby Glow

  • £39.99

Another hit at That's The Spot towers!

What makes this toy unique and special is that it is the perfect toy to sit on whilst you are....sat down! Designed by an erotica writer, Tabitha Rayne, the Ruby Glow is here to pleasure you completely differently from any other toy.

The Ruby Glow has two bumps on it which are designed to be anchored by your pubic bone. One side is ribbed and is designed to stimulate your clitoris (clothed or unclothed) whilst the other, smooth, side is designed to stimulate the opening of your vagina and/or perineum.

The two sides have a motor each, so you can use just the one or both, depending on your mood. The buttons are easy to use too.

There are 10 different vibration patterns in each motor, so there is plenty to experiment with!

The Ruby Glow is also:

  • Made of Silicone
  • Splashproof
  • Requires 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 17cm x 6 cm

The reason, in, my opinion, that this toy is so special is because it has made it much more possible for those with mobility issues or weaknesses in their arms/wrists.hands to give themselves some pleasure. It is accessible and body friendly, and everybody should own one because there are so many possibilities of where you can use it - think about when and where you sit - you can now pair this with the Ruby Glow!

I have written much more about it on my blog, so click here to read why it's such a great toy and how you could use it. Here is Tabitha herself to tell you more about it: