Quickie Cuffs

  • £8.99

Be ready for anything with the completely transportable, sensuous, easy to use Quickie Cuffs.

Have you ever been annoyed at the fiddly-ness of handcuffs? The cold metal feel? The noise of the chains? Or the potential of losing the keys?! Then the Quickie Cuffs are for YOU! 

These cuffs are incredibly easy to use and feel nice too - they are made of soft, but strong silicone, the silky sexy kind. It makes them flexible and can fit anyone's wrists (available in 2 sizes). 

They are easy to transport because of their flexibility and lightness so won' set off any metal detectors which is a huge bonus, so this means you can use them any place at any time. 

Even better than that, they are affordable too. At this price, there's nothing to lose.