Svakom Nova Kegel Balls

  • £38.99

Nova kegel balls are an expertly designed set of three different exercise balls to perform pelvic floor exercises with. Each entire Nova ball is made of body-safe silicone, including a silicone string for easy removal after use. This means they are 100% waterproof, and easy to keep clean. 

Available in three fun colours:

  • Green
  • Violet (purple)
  • Plum Red (pink)

In accordance with pelvic floor exercise theory, we designed these kegel balls especially to help those who want to tighten their vagina muscles after giving birth. Each set of Nova balls have three gradually increasing weights for different exercise needs. Effective kegel exercise can help strengthen a woman’s PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, improving vaginal health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction. For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, Nova exercise balls are the perfect choice for your PC muscle strengthening needs.

Phase OneFor first time users, in order to help your body adapt to the ball please use 49g single ball, 30 minutes each day, for about 30 days.
Phase Two: After your body has adjusted to the single ball, you can use the 75g double ball to increase the exercise intensity, exercise for 30 minutes a day each day, for about 30 days.
Phase Three: During this phase, your body can easily control the double ball, so to step up the training intensity, you can use the 95g double ball, 30 minutes a day, for about 30 days.

Product Features:

  • Fully-covered with soft body-safe silicone
  • Silicone string for easy removal
  • 100% waterproof
  • Three different weights: 49g, 75g, and 95g
  • Size (Imperial) Product:
    • 49g (single ball) 5.31" x 1.42"
    • 75g (small double ball) 6.7" x 1.26",
    • 95g (large double ball) 6.4" x 1.1", 
  • Size (Metric) Product:
    • 49g (single ball) 135mm x 36mm
    • 75g (small double ball) 170mm x 32mm
    • 95g (large double ball) 162mm x 28mm
  • Environmentally friendly material 

Svakom tips:

  1. When using the exercises, you can wear the Nova balls while walking, running, swimming, dancing, or doing the house work. Instead of sitting or lying still, as these kinds of movements can make the ball inside your body move to stimulate the vagina muscles, therefore exercising the PC muscle more efficiently.
  2. During the exercise, if you begin to feel unwell, please stop using the ball and consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  3. If you have serious Vaginitis, Vulvitis or PID you should not use the ball until you are cured.
  4. Do not use the ball in the 30 days after an abortion surgery or for 3 months after giving birth. For special situations please consult your doctor.
  5. Do not use the ball during pregnancy or during your period.