• £219.99

Look at this amazing device!

Owning a LoveArc will help you use your toys in the ways you only used to wish you could use them!

The LoveArc has been designed for people that own suction-style dildos. You can pop your dildo on any part of the LoveArc so it suits your body shape and and size and your preference.

Use it on your own with a dildo, butt plug or masturbator or use it with your partner. 

You can position the LoveArc however you want - you can ride or rock on it, you can angle it against the wall, on your bed, a chair...the possibilities are endless! Use different toys in different positions - this item has a lot of potential.

It is made of 100% aluminium The solid turned handles balance, stabilise and control, whilst the curved anodised body sports a gentle rounded edge and responds well to temperature play. The short handle balances and eliminates ankle knocks.

Length: 920mm
Widest point: 375mm
Arc surface width 80mm
Weight: 3kg
Store it under your bed, on the back of the door, the back of a wardrobe, or for those that want discretion, hang it in a suit carrier!
It is also made right here in Britain, you know we like to encourage buying British!