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Jazzie - Slim Vibe

Jazzie - Slim Vibe


Can't afford a Fun Factory Vibe? Now you can!

If you follow me on any social media, you will know that I am crazy for Fun Factory, and the quality of their toys is reflected in the price, which means that for some of you, it isn't easy to buy one.

Fun Factory realised this recently so have released 3 different and more simpler vibrators so that you can enjoy the quality of a Fun Factory toy without breaking the bank. The other two are Jam and Joupie

Jazzie is definitely the jazziest of the trio - it looks like it got caught dancing!

If you look closely at it, you'll see that it isn't completely straight which will make for an incredible feeling when it is inside your vagina. With it being fairly slim, this toy is great for those who get a bit apprehensive about girth.

Here are the details:

  • 1 Vibration Mode
  • Twist to turn on, twist to turn off
  • Battery Operated -  2 x AA batteries required
  • 100% waterproof
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • 7" long and 1.2" wide

This makes a fabulous starter toy and is a great introductory toy for new masturbators, highly recommended!

*TOP TIP* When you receive your Jazzie, make sure you don't remove the paper you find in the battery compartment!

*Due to changes in contract with Fun Factory and all distributors worldwide, which has affected That's The Spot's ability to have stock as readily available, you may need to wait 1-3 weeks for the delivery of this item. Only buy this item if you are happy to wait for that long. We shall keep in touch with you to keep you up to date on delivery times and make sure to include some freebies with the delivery to thank you for your patience and for shopping with us*
(We still love them and respect the change in contracts though!)