ID Pleasure

  • £4.69

This sensual lubricant combines the natural sensation enhancing ingredients Ginko, Bilboa, Red Clover and Menthol with ID Glide’s premium formula, to create a sensually smooth way to increase ecstasy. The combination of natural herbs in ID Pleasure increases blood flow to the areas it is applied, providing men a firmer feeling erection and women with an exquisite tingling sensation.

ID Pleasure, like ID Glide is a water based lubricant meaning that is non sticky, non staining and ultra long lasting. The carefully selected combination of ingredients produces a silky smooth feel which helps escalate your arousal to new heights.

The smallest bottle is a pocket or handbag sized 1 fluid ounce bottle with a flip-top, allowing for one hand application, allowing your other hand to do other things! All sizes all come with flip cap tops, fabulous!

 Watch this to understand the bottle sizes: