Flight Pilot by Fleshlight

  • £49.99

The Fleshlight has become the most famous male masturbator in recent years. We don't want to overwhelm this collection with Fleshlights, though as there are a lot of them out there, so we have chosen to sell the Flight Pilot. 

We consider the Flight Pilot to be a more tasteful version, and is also more compact and lighter than the original, meaning it is easier to travel with and doesn't look so much like a vagina!

The Fleshlight was given it's name after being made to look like a flashlight/torch. This design was so that nobody knows that what you actually have is a toy to stick your willy in, rather than the flashlight/torch that it looked like! 

The insert/sleeve, which is a 'real feel' material (soft, squishy and velvety) can be pulled out and washed, and can be used over and over again (as long as it is washed in-between each go). This particular sleeve has a number of textures, so when you insert your penis, you can experience a ribbed texture, a bump texture and a finger-like texture, making for some powerful orgasms.

The other end of the case can be twisted so you can control the level of suction you want to receive when you use it. If you want it really tight, don't untwist the base!

It is a fabulous stimulator and gives a hand job so much more dimension. Just use your imagination!

Total Length: 8"
Insertable length: 6"
Canal Diameter: 0.5"

To wash the Fleshlight, pull the insert out, run it under water until it is clean, then do the same with the casing. Let them air- dry then store in a dry place.

Always use water-based lube with a Fleshlight.

If you would like to peruse more Fleshlights, contact us and we shall show you a lot more! 

To understand the Fleshlight a bit more, watch this: