Fleshlight Fleshlube

  • £19.99

Our premium water-based Fleshlube Water lubricant is the perfect complement to your sexual activities, whether its with your Fleshlight or a partner (or both!).

Choose from:

Fleshlube Water is made from the highest quality medical grade ingredients and provides a silky smooth experience that enhances sexual pleasures. You wont find a better water-based lubricant out there!

Fleshlube Slide is a paraben-free, silky-smooth, water-based lubricant that has been specially formulated for Anal Sex and is gentle on sensitive skin. Enhance the duration of your intimate moments with this thicker, longer-lasting lubricant gel. Try it with your Fleshlight for a brand-new sensation and a slower-paced session. Perfect for use with a Fleshlight or with a partner. Suitable for use with all Fleshlight products.

Our first-rate water-based Fleshlube Ice lubricant is the best way to heat up sexual playtime by cooling it down. Ice provides a tingling sensation on contact that enhances sexual stimulation. Whether you're using Ice with your Fleshlight or with a playmate, you'll love the refreshing blast it brings to your sexual experiences. Fleshlube Ice is made from the highest quality medical grade ingredients, making it the best water-based lubricant on the market!

You've never experienced a lubricant like Fleshlube Fire. Using our advanced warming-lubricant technology and the highest quality medical grade ingredients, we've created a unique lube that provides a pleasurable warmth on contact. Fire is perfect whether you're playing solo or teaming up with a partner.

Available in 100ml or 250ml 

The modern, gender-neutral, transparent and easy dispense bottles include a hygiene seal and have a one press open cap which is perfect in the heat of the moment.