Fetish Dreams Door Swing

  • £19.99

Have you been fantasising about a Sex Swing but would rather not have a hook in your ceiling? Then this door Swing from Fetish Dreams could be just what you're looking for.... It's all the fun of a standard Sex Swing without the need for a hook in the ceiling. 

Experience new positions and pure fun with the Fetish Dreams door swing!

This sturdy sling can easily be placed over the open door and secured by the supplied metal rods. Once the sling is in place, firmly close the door; put your feet and hands in the soft and adjustable slings and give yourself completely to the exciting experience with your partner!

Thanks to the quick installation of the door swing your own fantasies live out in the most exciting places. Whether in your own home; in the office or on vacation. The swing is easily stowed, takes up very little space and is discreet so no awkward questions about What's that hook in the ceiling for...? 

For the installation;

A sturdy door is recommended that can be fully closed. The assembly is quick and easy. No tools or additional accessories are needed. Even annoying drilling in walls and ceiling is not necessary in the Fetish Dreams door swing!

2 x adjustable leg restraints

2 x hand cuffs adjustable

2 x door anchor Length of the bands adjustable