Duo Tone Balls

Duo Tone Balls

  • £12.99

For centuries women have used Ben Wa or Geisha balls to stimulate and exercise their internal muscles, giving amazing sensations and toning up their pelvic floors.

These Duotone balls from California Exotics work in exactly the same way - a small, heavy ball inside wobbles and moves the larger outer ball around inside you for wonderful sensations. Any woman can wear these but for it has extra benefits for the women who have given birth. Exercise of the pelvic floor muscles gives you more strength,The pelvic floor muscles weaken after birth, but with exercise, it enables you to have a bit more control over when and how strongly you orgasm.

The best thing about these balls is that you can wear them inside of you whenever you want - whether you want a thrill at work, at a cocktail evening, whether you are receiving oral or anal sex. They definitely add an extra dimension to sex, that is for sure!

These duo tone balls are affordable enough to buy and try and see how it makes you feel before considering buying some more expensive and longer lasting ones!