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Hello and Welcome to That’s the Spot 

We are passionate about helping people on their journey to self-discovery and sexual pleasure. Our bodies change many times over our lifetime, and we enjoy different things at different stages of our lives. Take food for an example… I (Karen) did NOT like olives, tomatoes, or peas when I was younger; but now I love them. The same happens with our bodies and minds, we desire and enjoy different sensations and feelings as we grow and change as humans.

That’s the Spot aims to help you discover new desires, pleasures and sensations though great quality pleasure products/ sex toys, games, lingerie and advice. We’re setting up a network of experts to share their knowledge and passion to inspire you to be more adventurous and to encourage you to talk more openly with your partner, friends or people you trust about you fantasies, desires and sexual needs. But most of all, to encourage you to experiment and have fun! How we do that is really cool as its not just us its you too… all over this site you will see reviews, information, knowledge from Sam Sykes. Sam is the voice of us all, so if you have something to say, something to ask, or something you want to contribute then send to TTS and Sam Sykes will be your voice too!

Who is behind the brand? 

That’s me, Karen. I’m a 44-year-old single woman on her own journey to find out who the hell she is. Like most of us, I got caught up in life and forgot about my needs & desires. I spent years putting others happiness before my own. But four years ago, I decided I had to do something for me! I tried all the things that had made me happy in the past, some worked. Most did not! With the help of a close friend – she is also the best business coach I know, I started to look at what I enjoyed now, and it’s led me down some amazing paths. I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting and now I want to empower others to do the same. GO ON, I dare you!

There will be other’s joining me as the business grows. But for now, please do feel free to reach out if you can’t find what you’re looking for. I’m friendly, fun and love a good natter! 
Sam Sykes

Sam Sykes is all of the team here at TTS and is all of you too. We came up with the idea of Sam as people want to talk about sex, and they want to be open but come on we are British and our mums may see. Sam will be your name when you review a product for us, when you  write a blog, or when you have questions if you want it to be; you are of course welcome to use your own name….

Why buy from That’s the Spot…

We’re a small independent online store based in the south west of the UK, and every time we get a notification of a sale it makes us so happy. Not just because we made a little bit of money, but someone has chosen us over the big boys, and they are experimenting or trying something new. That gives us THE most joy!
We stock products that are great quality at a great price but sometimes, your orders may come in several packages. For us to provide the quality and cost-effective service, we have different suppliers (based in the UK) for different brands or categories. This does mean that you will get the excited feeling of new toys or lingerie twice – so not all bad eh. 😊

A final few words from us… 

Be brave, be courageous, be kind, stay safe and most of all HAVE FUN!

Here’s to guilt free pleasure!

Let’s get kinky

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