Lube Lube and more Lube! Frankly we bloody love lube at TTS. The world a much better place with Lube. 

Knowing your lubes makes sex and toy play so much more fun. There's a lube for everything and everyone. Lube is not just for older ladies who are a creaky downstairs (see our blog). 

Water based, Silicon based or oil based, we have a choice for you. Not sure what the differences are.... well we have a little something for you.

  • Water based – known for its versatility. Best for silicon toy play
  • Silicon based – silicone is hypoallergenic, and most people won’t experience a reaction – often more long-lasting than water based
  • Oil based – the most long lasting of all, this lube just keeps on giving

Most Silicon toys need water based so that the silicon doesn't break down.

Oh... btw when using condoms check out the brands recommendation for lube. Most are only safe with water based.

So off you pop, grab your lube to find new ways to change the world one orgasm at a time.