Pocket Pool - Male Masturbator

  • £9.99

This is a great way, as a male, to give masturbation sleeves a go before you move onto something of a higher quality or longer lasting. It also makes a great present!

These pocket pool toys have been designed for the man on the go. They easily fit into a pocket or a satchel and don't look dodgy! They are for one use only and nobody would guess that it was a masturbator. The different colours represent different textures, so you could buy one of each colour and get a different feel from all of them and through that, discover what kind of texture you like from your stroker/sleeve.

To use it, you simply open up the 'pool ball', pull the sleeve out, squirt some lube into the sleeve and onto yourself then insert your willy and give yourself a lovely handjob! You can then dispose of it discreetly by popping it back in the ball before you put it in the bin.


To celebrate me beginning to sell toys for men, I am giving you an introductory price for any of these - get £2 off (20%) the price and only pay £7.99. If you take advantage of this offer before the end of January 2016, use the code 'POCKETPOOL' at the checkout and the £2 will come off! 

If you buy 3 or more, you will also get free postage!