Embracing and Releasing the Celebrity in you

  • £8.99

This book is written exclusively by members of I am Woman - a business club I am indeed a member of, and guess what, I have a chapter in this book!

I am Woman runs an Aspire Programme which is recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management. There are 11 themes and these are addressed over the course of each year month by month at the meetings. Read more here for more information on the Aspire Programme.

Each year, I am Woman releases a book based on one of these themes. The theme this time was 'Embracing and Releasing the Celebrity in You', which I believed was a very suitable topic for me to contribute towards. In it I talk about my journey and how we, as women, can appreciate our bodies more to recognise the celebrity in us.

For anyone that buys this book, half of the price will go into the I am Woman Foundation - a charity to support women in poverty get started in business and help them achieve what they can't because of their circumstances. If you choose to buy through me, you will get a few freebies thrown in for free as well as an autograph from yours truly!