Pearl Vibrator By Kiiroo

  • £99.99

Pearl can operate as a vibrator in it's own right, but what makes it special is that it can communicate with a male masturbator (the Onyx) so that you can have long distance sex!

The sleek design of Pearl is intended to deliver the ultimate in realistic pleasure, with the ergonomic shape designed for reach, performance and comfort. The stylish white device has a deliberately fresh and simple aesthetic, ensuring your experience is as smooth as can be. Powerful vibrations are delivered by the motor, situated 100mm down the length of the device and capable of traversing the entire length. Pearl’s sensitive touch vibration lets you control  the intensity of vibrations by making shorter or longer strokes. The luxury silicone material is dermatologically tested, durable and resilient.

Using Pearl is simple! Control it yourself, or have a partner dictate your vibrations remotely, in real time.

• One multi-functional button controls power and vibration modes.
• Sensitive touch vibration allows you to design how and where vibrations are felt based on where it makes contact with your body.
• The touch sensitive surface measures your pleasure and delivers signals to a corresponding Onyx to replicate your movement.
Equally, an Onyx user or another Pearl user can remotely manipulate the speed of Pearl’s vibrations so that synonymous sensations are felt in real time.
• Hassle-free updates are pushed to your Pearl each time you plug it in via USB.

A sleek LED light is your indication of Bluetooth activity as well as battery life, so that your only concern is your pleasure.


Pearl is crafted from smooth silicone, promising optimal hygiene, safety and comfort. But what truly sets it apart is the patented system of smart sensors that traverse the length of the shaft, detecting your every move and causing your partner’s Onyx to contract in unison with your touch. The innovative touch control feature also means the upper surface is intuitive, vibrating wherever it touches your skin and ensuring targeted pleasure. Please your partner as you please yourself, thanks to capacitive touch technology that pairs two Kiiroo devices to communicate in real time. Allow someone to feel the penetrative sensations they’d feel if they were in the room with you.

Pearl features powerful, pulsating vibration modes that are designed to thrill, whilst being quiet enough to maintain your privacy. You’re in charge of both your pleasure and your partner’s, unless you allow them to them control yours. Variations are constantly in development. 

1.) One way control
2.) Two way control
3.) Sensitive touch vibrations
4.) One way control.
This intermediate step has been introduced so women feel that they can take back control over the device.
5.) Slow vibration
6.) Medium vibration
7.) Fast vibration
8.) Pattern 1 (also sending signals)
9.) Pattern 2 (also sending signals)


Pearl’s standout feature is its unrivaled ability to create and host a simulated intimate experience between two or more people, anywhere in the world. Whoever has Pearl in their possession is in charge of the exact movements, thrusts and strokes felt by any Onyx paired with it.
Pearl has also broken new ground to become a two-way pleasure experience, with Onyx similarly able to control the way Pearl works via vibration feedback. Your partner can decide exactly how you’re stimulated, and when.

Now you can truly indulge in the unique experience of entirely mutual, virtual sex in real time… even from thousands of miles away.