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Hoorah! Fun Factory have finally created a vibrating version of their classic share toy, the strapless dildo!

If you have seen my YouTube Video on the Share, you know how much I love this toy, it is an amazing concept for any woman to feel like she has her own willy. It works on the same premise as the Share, but has a very interesting addition - a powerful and rechargeable bullet vibrator, oh yes!

The shape of the Sharevibe is a bit different - it is a bit slimmer and the wearable part bend forwards a bit more, helping you keep it in a bit easier, and putting more pressure on the G Spot. There's also more of a bend so it sits in your vagina a bit easier too.

Here are the measurements:

Passive part - 21.9 cm length, 2.7 cm  diameter

Active part - 3.8 cm

As with all Fun Factory dildos, it is made of the silky, safe, hygienic and non-porous silicone we love.

The bullet is removable so you don't have to have a vibrating one every time if you don't want. It is rechargeable, making it beautifully powerful. It has 2 vibration rhythms and 3 intensities.

So do yourself a favour ladies, put this in your basket and in your bedroom!

*Due to changes in contract with Fun Factory and all distributors worldwide, which has affected That's The Spot's ability to have stock as readily available, you may need to wait 1-3 weeks for the delivery of this item. We shall keep in touch with you to keep you up to date on delivery times and make sure to include some freebies with the delivery to thank you for your patience and for shopping with us* 
(We still love them and respect the change in contracts though!)