Onyx Bluetooth Masturbator

  • £249.99


If you want the ultimate in sex toy technology, this is it and it is very exciting!

The Onyx is not just any male masturbator. It is teledildonics, which is a fabulous term!

I would recommend you watch the below videos if you can - you see the toy in action. If you can't watch it, read the info below the vids.


The main aim behind the Onyx and the Pearl is to help connect people physically when they are in a long distance relationship. Below is all the info you need to understand the Onyx. Visit the link to the Pearl to learn more about the long distance aspect!

Onyx has pioneered smart masturbation with its capacitive touch pad. It works just like your phone screen or computer track pad, making stimulation simple. The smooth, responsive surface registers your touch, prompting the corresponding rings inside Onyx to contract around you. It can also send and receive data to and from other paired Onyx devices, so you can also control the pleasure of others.

Subtlety and sophistication are key in the design of this highly advanced adult toy. Store Onyx on your dresser, let it stand proudly your coffee table, or lay it neatly in a drawer. Kiiroo's goal in crafting Onyx was to have it blend seamlessly into the array of technology that already exists in the household. The matte black exterior is accented by a glossy touch pad that extends the length of the façade. The device features a solid cap to cover the entrance, keeping it safe from prying hands and ensuring it’s practical to travel with.

The magic happens deep inside the lifelike canal of the patented canal of Kiiroo's patented masturbation technology: the Pleasure Core. Onyx is the first of its kind to use contracting rings controlled by capacitive touch technology to mimic the sensation of thrust and penetration. Each of the 10 carefully positioned rings contracts individually, in response to the movement of your touch pad or your partner’s Onyx or Pearl device. Inside the core are two air channels, designed to release air as the device contracts and create a natural suction sensation. The result is a gripping, pulling sensation as the device strokes you up and down – just like the real thing.

 The Pleasure Core’s advanced automation means you don’t need to move a muscle; simply turn it on and position it over your shaft. This entirely unique experience makes Onyx the only interactive and automatic masturbator, and the most advanced way to connect physically and intimately with your long distance partner.

Using Onyx is simple: 

  • One multi-functional button controls power and modes.
  • The touch pad allows you to manually control your pleasure.
  • Hassle-free updates are pushed to your Onyx each time you plug it in via USB.

A sleek LED light is your indication of Bluetooth activity as well as battery life, so that your only concern is your pleasure.

Kiiroo have teamed up with Fleshlight®, who has long dominated the adult pleasure product market for men as a global top seller. The patented, lifelike Superskin™ sleeve is a unique and unmatched material, giving you a true to life experience with just the right amount of tightness and give. Fleshlight® developed a sleeve exclusively for Kiiroo Onyx, to take your pleasure to the next level as it fits neatly inside the Pleasure Core. The sleeve is removable, washable, reusable and dermatologically safe. To use, simply clip it into place and apply a liberal amount of water-based lube. The hyper flexible material can stand a strong amount of pressure as you enjoy your Onyx. Afterwards, remove the Fleshlight sleeve, wash it out with warm water and Fleshwash, then leave it to air-dry.

What makes this toy even more special is that it enables you to have sex in a long distance relationship - dependent on who you are seeing, you can pair it up with another Onyx or the Pearl Vibrator - visit the Pearl to learn more.