• £69.99

Nicknamed, the 'Guybrator', the PULSE II Solo was invented after research identified that vibrations applied in a very specific way can make a man ejaculate involuntarily. The makers of this toy went about changing this!

What sets the PULSE II Solo apart from other male 'vibrators' is that it doesn't actually vibrate - it oscillates, which has been enabled by their patented design called the 'PulsePlate'. The PulsePlate delivers high-amplitude oscillations, as opposed to low amplitude vibrations, which will give you quite the orgasm!

The PULSE II Solo could easily be used as a masturbator - add lube and masturbate.

It can also be used statically - hands-free. Through just placing your penis in the PULSE II Solo, it will then stimulate the frenulum, which is a very different sensation.

You don't need to be erect to use it either, and you don't need to move, so it works as a great toy for men who have erectile dysfunction or difficulty using their hands or arms.

The 'wings' on either side are flexible so if/when you get harder and bigger, the wings will be able to move with you to accommodate you.

The PULSE II has one vibration mode, is made of body-safe silicone. It is also rechargeable.

Enjoy, boys!!

If you would like to incorporate couples play into this toy, check out the PULSE II Duo.

This video should help explain the difference between the two: