• £68.99

Yet again, YET again, Fun Factory have brought something excitingly new out that nobody else does - a dildo with jiggle balls inside it!

So are you familiar with jiggle/love/geisha balls? These are balls that have heavier balls inside, so when inserted inside you, you can feel them jiggling inside you, which helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and give you some cheeky orgasms at the same time..




Fun Factory have found a different way to use the jiggle ball motion - by housing 3 of them inside a dildo! Not only do shape of these balls give the dildo a certain and defined ridge to them. It also makes it a bit girthier. 

Just take a moment to think about how this dildo could feel inside of you - vaginally or anally. To have those 3 balls bouncing and jiggling independently of each other if you like a good thrusting, this will feel just amazing! If you like to ride on it, this will add a definite difference to that motion.

This is just genius and I love it. I am already getting some amazing feedback from my customers about it!

The length is 7 inches and the circumference is 1.57 inches.

It is made of the lovely velvety waterproof, non-porous and medical grade silicone too.


If you are after the next thing in dildos, this is it!