• £27.99

Look at these 3 masturbators. Lovely, colourful and they don't look like genitals either! Instead, you will find 3 different bright colours, each one representing a different sensation.

Verspanken is a great way of masturbating your willy without having to look at a fake fanny, mouth or anus. There are also some exciting ways in which the Verspanken can be used, which is different from a lot of other male masturbators.

The Verspanken is like a black clamshell with a piece of either foam or water filled 'wieners' (the word the manufacturers use) either side or the shell. The clamshell can snap shut but it doesn't have to - it depends on how much pressure you like.

The foam wieners are exactly that - like pieces of foam that can be cleaned with soap and water. The water wieners are full or water so you can play with temperature when it comes to the water wieners - heat it up or cool it down.

Because of the way it is designed, the toy can be manipulated very easily, as can your willy.

This toy is bigger than you may think. It measures 9" across and 4" wide.

The foam and water wieners are available in smooth (blue), bumpy (green) and wavy (purple). Once you have the shell, you can buy the different wieners and even use 2 different ones for a sesh.

The best way to give you an idea of how this works is through watching the video. You can watch it on silent as there is nothing said and it isn't graphic either, perfect!