Fun Factory Stronic Drei

  • £139.99

I was hosting my third ever sex toy soiree and up until that point had only sold 4 toys to another group at my second soiree.

This toy is what I bring out at the end as the 'piece de resistance' and my gosh you should have seen one of the girl's faces. She had joked earlier that day that she was going to meet her 'Life Partner' that evening and she actually did! I made my first Stronic sale! Her review she gave me a couple of days later was basically 'OMFG!'

 She chose the Stronic Drei, rather than the Stronic Eins because of the ribbed feel it had. I have attached a video specifically about the Stronic Drei. Again, because Fun Factory is a German company, it is in German, but it is definitely worth a watch.

For more info about the Stronic and an English speaking video, click on the Stronic Eins for the full description.

 One thing you need to know - you cannot use this if you have a pacemaker!