• £89.99

Nicknamed, the 'Guybrator', the PULSE II Solo was invented after research identified that vibrations applied in a very specific way can make a man ejaculate involuntarily. The makers of this toy went about changing this!

Read more about the PULSE II Solo here. Not long after that, the PULSE II Duo was invented. The toy itself can still be used as a male masturbator but what makes both toys different is this:

It is now completely waterproof! 

It comes with more vibrations. Rather than the one mode on the original, it now has 5 different vibration modes.

Along with more vibration modes comes a remote control, which can be used by the man using it or the partner who is joining in.

The bottom of the PULSE II Duo also vibrates, so now this makes for great foreplay. The man lies on his back, places his penis in the toy and the partner can sit on it and rub against it, so both parties are feeling the same vibrations, fab!

Watch this video because it will probably make sense to you when you see it!