Doxy Wand Massagers & Accessories

If you're seeking the strongest vibration in the world? Well you're on the right page!

Who's heard of the Hitachi Wand? This was a device first brought out into the market in 1968 to be a high-powered vibrating, mains-powered massager for those with aching and tense backs, etc. It was very soon discovered that it could be use as a vibrator too, a very strong external vibrator! 

Since then, there have been various attempts by other manufacturers to create their own 'Magic Wands' - some cordless (but never without the same amount of power of course!) and in various sizes, but nothing beats the new kid on the block, the Doxy Massager!

The brains behind the Doxy comes from an engineer. He saw another wand and thought to himself 'I can do better' and now, it is the world's most powerful wand! It is also produced in Cornwall, always good to buy British if you can :-)

Top quality with a wand that make your eyes jiggle! 

So off you pop, grab your butt plug and your lube to find new ways to change the world one orgasm at a time.

Enjoy the vibrations x