Satisfyer Pro 2

  • £47.99
  • Save £7

Introducing the Satisfyer Pro... it is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! 

Some sexy geniuses have discovered yet another way for us to give ourselves or partners pleasure in a way which hasn't been done before. 

What the Satisfyer Pro 2 does is use pressure waves to focus on just the clitoral area. They use the words 'vacuum technology' but don't start thinking it's a clit hoover! The suction is ever so slight. You can hardly feel it, but what you can feel is absolutely incredible.

All you need to do is part your labia, place the nozzle over your clit and/or vulva and the Satisfyer Pro 2 will do it's work. This is a new way of giving yourself pleasure, and you need to trust in the toy. If you start moving it around like you would a vibrator, it will not have the same effect.

Because of the way in which the toy works, it isn't the quietest of items, but rest assured that when you place it on your clit, the noise will be minimised. It's noisier when it's not doing it's job!

So here is how you use it:

Turn on the toy by pressing the small power button

It has 11 different functions, press the larger button to change the function

Place the nozzle on the clit, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use

Switch it off by pressing the same button for 2 seconds

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is also 100%  waterproof and rechargeable, hoorah!! Using it in water gives you even more of an intense feeling.

It is made of ABS Plastic and silicone so is a hygienic toy. To make it even more hygienic, they have designed it so you can detach the silicone nozzle and give it a proper clean by boiling it for a few minutes.

This is particularly a good toy to think about for those with arthritic hands or limited mobility.

It doesn't look like a sex toy either so you could easily keep it in the bathroom where it could be mistaken for a razor!

The price for this toy is outstanding and is worth every penny, believe me!

To hear more of my love for this product, click here to read the blog that Satisfyer themselves have quoted in their own literature.